Department of General Surgery is working with 5 units, with everyday OPD services. We have specialty clinics like Plastic Surgery, Urology, Oncosurgery and Neurosurgery. We have facilities for day care procedures like – minor OT procedures, upper GI endoscopy including banding, sclerotherapy. Facilities for specialized dressings including vacuum-assisted closure. OPD is equipped with multiple consultation rooms, male and female dressing rooms, minor OT and upper GI Endoscopy, Department museum, well equipped department office, demonstration room with audio-visual equipment, department library with adequate books of latest editions and journals. Interns are posted on rotation to the department.

The department has been regularly conducting academic activities like Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs, clinical case presentations, subject seminars, journal clubs, guest lectures and tutorials conducted for MBBS students and for interns. These academic activities have been conducted with participation by faculty and students from other departments.

Clinical services offered by the department -

  • Department is offering OPD services with all facilities including male dressing room, female dressing room, Minor OT, Upper GI Endoscopy – including banding and sclerotherapy.
  • Day-care procedures are being conducted by the department.
  • The department has state-of-the-art Operation Theatre with 2 major modular OT with laminar flow with facilities for minimal access surgery including laparoscopy.
  • Department has 10-bedded surgical I.C.U with monitors and ventilators.
  • Emergency surgeries are being conducted all days with facilities for separate Emergency OT and Septic OT.
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