Department of Pharmacology at Akash Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre was started in the year 2013. Right from its inception we are involved in providing best possible and comprehensive education in the subject of pharmacology to MBBS undergraduates, postgraduates, nursing, paramedical and allied sciences. We at Akash emphasize on educating our students in applied aspects of pharmacology which can help them become the quintessential “Indian Medical Graduate” who will be globally relevant.

Department of Pharmacology, AIMSRC is NMC and RGUHS recognized postgraduate institution which started from the year 2019 with well-established postgraduate teaching program. Faculty at department of pharmacology are actively involved in various research activities and also encourage students to take up ICMR projects.

The college is recognized as Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring Centre (AMC) by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India under Pharmacovigilance Program of India (PvPI) on 16 June, 2017.

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To make teaching and learning pharmacology more interesting and fun, apart from routine lecture classes , student seminars, small group discussions, quiz programme, role plays, video making, poster presentation are incorporated as Teaching learning methods and also encourage our students in self-directed learning.

Department of pharmacology has an well equipped experimental pharmacology lab where emphasis is laid on replacing animal experiments with computer simulated experiments. Here students can learn the various effects of drugs on animal models. Department has full-fledged pharmacy lab where medication preparations which are recommended by NMC are routinely prepared and dispensed by students.

We at department of pharmacology have robustly implemented various competencies recommended by NMC in our practical session for our medical students. The following are few such activities carried out by students as a part of their course completion in Pharmacology

  • Hands on training to our medical students is given in setting up an I.V drip and administering drugs through various routes like I.V, I.M, S.C etc with the help of mannequin.
  • Students routinely recognize, collect and report various adverse drug reactions to drugs from hospital. Every student collects and reports minimum of three ADR's for certification.
  • Students learn to interact with a pharmaceutical representative to get the maximum information on newer drugs. They are also trained to critically scrutinize drug promotional literature handed over by pharmaceutical representative.
  • Every student is made to collect minimum of three prescriptions from our hospital to critically audit and certified in their log books.
  • Students are taught about the process of selecting a “P” drug and are required to prepare and choose “P” drugs for minimum of three given clinical condition to complete the certification process.
  • To stress more on communication, ethics and to mould students attitude in a right way towards patient care. Various activities like role plays, poster presentation and video making are encouraged on sensitive aspects of patient care such as patient autonomy, shared decision making, patients right to refuse care and withdrawal of life support (AETCOM Modules).
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