Physiology is a basic life science that studies the processes that occur in the human body. It emphasizes the regulatory mechanisms that keep multiple biological systems' integrated functions running smoothly.

Undergraduate students are provided with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of physiology. The teaching of physiology is more learner-centered and clinically focused.

The professors will not only teach the material, but will also make the fascinating realm of physiology even more fascinating.

Physiology's pre-clinical area investigates the ever changing ways in which the human body functions. It is the foundation of basic medical sciences, along with Anatomy and Biochemistry.

  • Organs and systems are the primary focus of physiology research.
  • The molecular and cellular elements of the human body are taught to students.
  • The course also teaches students about how the body functions on a daily basis and what causes disease.
  • A haematology lab, an amphibian lab, a mammalian lab, and a clinical lab are available to students and residents.
  • In addition, there is a neurophysiology lab that is mostly utilized for research. Diagnostic patient care is also possible with an autonomic function lab.
  • The department also has full access to the hospital's cardiac lab.
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