Pathology is a medical branch which forms the backbone of medical practice. It is a subject that studies the evolution of diseases and the pathophysiology including the structural and functional changes that occur. Pathology provides a huge scope of research for students and faculty to enhance the existing knowledge in this era of evidence based medicine.

The Department of Pathology at Akash Insttute of Medical Sciences and ResearchCentre, under the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, has shown an exponential growth since its inception. The museum of the department has an arrayed variety of specimens for learning and is constantly updated.

The department provides round-the-clock laboratory and blood bank services .The various facilities provided by the department are routine Hematology and Bone marrow aspiration techniques, Cytology, Histopathology, Special stains, Adult and Fetal autopsy, Cell block preparation and Immunohistochemistry.

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Category Name Qlfn Present Designation Contact No Email Address
Professor - 1 Dr. Vidyavathi MD (Patho) Professor 9448448204
Prof / Assoc. Prof. – 3 Dr. Adishesha Shankar MD (Patho) Professor 9448511611
Dr. Supriya Sandeepa MD (Patho) Associate Professor 9964222010
Dr. Shilpa S Biradar MD (Patho) Associate Professor 9845772034
Asst. Prof - 3 Dr. Adithyan MD (Patho) Assistant Professor 9481679077
Dr. Rashmi S.P MD (Patho) Assistant Professor 9964283861
Dr. Anuja Dasgupta MD (Patho) Assistant Professor 9902336642
Asst.Prof/Tutor - 5 Dr. Uma K MD (Patho) Assistant Professor 8142942735
Dr. Nandini S Nayaka MD (Patho) Assistant Professor 8884664969
Dr. Nanditha.H.S MD (Patho) Assistant Professor 8088336260
Dr. Subhashini MBBS, DCP Tutor 9945356865
Dr. Ankitha A MBBS, DCP Tutor 9901729029