The Department of Orthopedic surgery provides state of the art treatment in all Orthopedic subspecialties and training in Trauma & Accident surgery, Spine surgery, Joint replacements, Sports medicine, Arthroscopy, Shoulder Surgery, Pediatric Orthopedics, Orthopedic Oncology, Hand & limb reconstruction surgeries.

  • The department presently, has three units each headed by a Professor.There are a total of 18 teaching staff members in the department. Each unit has its own area of special interest in Orthopaedics. General Orthopaedic conditions are dealt with by all units.
  • The Department of Orthopaedics at Akash institute of medical sciences, provides excellent patient care and outstanding education in Orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal medicine. The department is committed to advancing knowledge related to the management of musculoskeletal disorders through the sub-specialty units renowned at National and International levels. We focus on patient care in each of these Orthopaedic subspecialties: spine surgery including corrections of scoliosis, knee arthroscopy & sports medicine, complex trauma with foot-ankle, shoulder surgery, complex trauma surgery and joint replacement and pelviacetabular trauma. We have, in addition, rehabilitation support by full-fledged physiotherapy and occupational therapy services. The artificial limb center with an inbuilt workshop and manufacturing facility provides comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic appliances.
  • The department of Orthopaedics is an integral part of the Trauma Triage. A team of residents from the respective units are posted in the trauma centre on their admission days.
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