Forensic Medicine also known as Legal Medicine serves as a connecting bridge between the Doctors with the Police & Judiciary in administering justice. Thus whenever a situation while treating or at times of death under unnatural conditions arises, our department assists the police by conducting necessary examinations, autopsy, death certification, issuance of various certificates of injury, sickness, assaults, poisoning, drunkenness, sexual offence examination of victim as well as of accused. Medico legal experts appear as expert witness in the court of law & depose evidence. Better the presentation of medical evidence, the better is the administration of justice. For the very purpose above said our institution is well equipped with state of the art of Mortuary for conducting autopsy with gallery for demonstrating it to the undergraduate students. We have cold storage units with storage capacity of 08 bodies at a time. Embalming services are also provided for preservation for long duration or for long distance transport of the body.

The students are also trained with the legal aspects of medicine, Medical ethics, Medical etiquette, Forensic psychiatry, Forensic toxicology and communication skills as part of AETCOM as is mandated and the need of current scenario of society. The students are taught in general the 3G's for Forensic & Toxicology (Japanese)

  • Genba: Go to the spot
  • Genbutsu: Look at the actual thing.
  • Genjitsu: Grasp the facts & take realistic action.
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Best hospitals in north bangalore