Rural & Urban Health Care Centres

  • Rural Health & Training Centre, is located in Budihala, Devanahalli taluk, about 8 kms from Akash Medical College Hospital. It is run by the Dept. of Community Medicine, AIMSRC since its inception in September 2016.
  • This center, simulating a Primary Health Centre, caters to the health needs of people from 36 villages around, covering a population of about 25,500
  • We focus on training the students in a community approach to health and wellbeing.
  • AIMSRC organizes various health check-ups, screening, and blood camps across Bengaluru to cater to the healthcare needs of the growing urban population
  • From COVID-19 screening, immunization camps and dental camps to school health services, women and child healthcare, eye checkups and TB screenings, AIMSRC provides top-notch professional medical care

As AIMSRC grew, so did our role in the community outside the walls of our hospital. Today, we are actively involved in educational programs and community initiatives that focus on healthcare, preventable diseases and sensitization. Our commitment to healthcare and education extends beyond classroom instruction and hospital treatment. Community projects and initiatives bring our actual mission to serve humanity to life.

Health Camps

  • Theme Based inhouse health camps with 500 outpatient consults.
  • School health camps: Annual health checks, screened for nutrition disorders, eye defects, dental camps.
  • Awareness Camps : Periodic camps are conducted regarding communicable and non-communicable diseases, HIV, pregnancy and immunization.
  • Immunization and Outreach camps : Close to 30-40 patients are referred to the Hospital for subsidized treatment.

Covid-19 Screening Camps

  • Regular screening at RHTC with specialists every week to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Karnataka.
  • Screening camp held for BBMP Group G workers.
  • Active participation in “Vaidyara Nade Graamada Kade”, a rural screening programme for Covid-19 in Bengaluru Rural District along with Government of Karnataka.
  • Covid-19 screening for students in schools and vaccine drives.

Medical Programmes

  • Body Donation : Voluntary programmes enable medical students to learn and be skilled.
  • Eye Donation : Sharing the gift of sight with others in need
  • National TB elimination programme : Active case finding for TB in rural and urban field practices.
  • Training and sensitization programme : Capacity building of doctors, healthcare workers, and Asha workers.

Government Initiatives & Collaborations

  • DMC
  • ICTC
  • Pradhan Mantri Matritva Abhiyan
  • Rastriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram
  • NPCB : Darpan, Eye Camps
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of NHPs

IEC Programmes

Awareness programmes are regularly conducted in the field practice areas of Urban and Rural Health centres of Dept of Community Medicine on like Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, Covid-19, Diabetes, Hypertension, certain cancers and safe pregnancy topics such as nutrition in pregnancy, hygiene practices in pregnancy and safe delivery practices . Awareness on child development, childhood diseases such as pneumonia and malnutrition, and immunization is also provided.


Training/capacity building of doctors and Health Care Workers (doctors, nurses, medical students and paramedical workers) is done on a regular basis on infection control practices, BMW, training on covid-19 – isolation, quarantine, proper PPE techniques, and management of Covid-19. Training on Covid-19 treatment protocol was given by Dr. Sunil Kumar D.R., Nodal Officer for Covid-19, Professor and HOD, Department of Community Medicine, Dr. Madhuvan, Associate Professor, Department of General Medicine, and Dr. Mahesh N.S., Pulmonologist.


Training on epidemiology and Community surveillance of Covid-19 was provided to all doctors and health care professionals by Dr. Sunil Kumar D.R., Professor and Head of Dept., Department of Community Medicine, as part of a training programme conducted by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. Training on Leprosy: The institution provided support to the District NLEP (National Leprosy Elimination Programme) office by conducting training sessions for PHC Medical Officers on epidemiology and management of Leprosy. The training was provided by Dr. Lakshmi H., Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine.


Sensitization programme on newer TB management guidelines: Regular sensitization programmes are held for doctors, medical students and nurses to update the latest diagnostic and treatment protocols of Tuberculosis according to National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme. Sensitization sessions were taken by Dr. Lakshmi H., Dr. Vidya R., and Dr. Srividya J., Assistant Professors in the Department of Community Medicine.




Sensitization programme on HIV/AIDS: Regular sensitization programmes are held for ASHA workers and Anganwadi workers by Dr. Apoorva E. Patel, Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, on HIV/AIDS on epidemiology and identification of high risk groups, in collaboration with Karnataka State AIDS Prevention Society(KSAPS).
Sensitization programme on Diabetes: Regular sensitization programmes are held for nursing, ASHA workers and Anganwadi workers on Diabetes Mellitus epidemiology and identification of cases by Dr. Apoorva E. Patel, Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, in collaboration with District Health and Family Welfare department, Govt. of Karnataka.

Sensitization On Diabetes Mellitus On World Diabetes Day -21 Under District Administration


MONITORING AND EVALUATION OF NATIONAL HEALTH PROGRAMMES FOR WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION( WHO)– Monitoring and evaluation of various immunization programmes like Pulse Polio Campaign, Mission Indradhanush, MR Campaign, Complete evaluation survey – Immunization and Covid-19 vaccination coverage survey is being done every year.


KAYAKALPA – The institution was part of Kayakalpa, an assessment of Healthcare facilities by Quality Assurance Division, National Health Mission, Government of Karnataka. Medical Officers were sensitized regarding the guidelines for Quality in Healthcare facilities and assessments were done in the field

RAPID APPRAISAL OF DISTRICT LEVEL PREPAREDNESS AND PERFORMANCE OF HEALTH SYSTEMS REGARDING MANAGEMENT OF COVID-19 CASES – The district assessment team consisting of four doctors from Akash Institute of Medical Sciences were part of the team that evaluated Tumkur district, conducted by Department of Health and Family Welfare and Dept. of Medical Education, Government of Karnataka. The team was headed by Dr. Sunil Kumar D.R., Nodal Officer for Covid-19, Professor and HOD, Department of Community Medicine, and the members were Dr. Ravishankar S.N., Professor and HOD, Department of General Medicine, Dr. Sunitha, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology and Dr. Apoorva E. Patel, Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine.

Rapid Appraisal Of Preparedness For Covid-19 In Tumkur District