Mr. K. Muniraju

Founder Secretary, AIS

AIMSRC strives to fulfil their mission of providing high-quality medical science higher education. Built upon the foundational value of "Transparency in Administration", AIMSRC was founded under the Akash Education & Development Trust. The college offers top-notch academic infrastructure and high-tech facilities for the overall growth and development of our medical students Through the implementation of security measures, we strongly oppose all or any misconduct on campus. We believe in working together and collaborating in harmony. The hospital provides a variety of health services at an affordable cost to meet the requirements of the community, as well as provide a practical learning experience for our students. We work hard to promote positive interpersonal skills and equality among all our students, regardless of their background, race, community, or economic status. The Institute encourages students to indulge in self-learning by providing exceptional learning resources, experienced professors, advanced facilities, and practical experiences