Best medical colleges in North bangalore

Welcome to Akash Group of Institutions, Devanahalli, Bangalore, an abode of Innovations and Values in Education.

Mr. K. Muniraju

Akash Group of Institutions

AIMSRC is our dedicated institution towards promoting medical research & educating the young talents of our country in health care in order to create a reckoning force of Doctors & Surgeons in our country.
We have been deeply influenced by the rich legacy of values and cultural heritage of Mother India. We have been striving to explore the finest educational practices with real life experiences. Lots of aspirations and vision have gone in the creation of this beautiful campus, free from the pressure of metro life. AIMSRC aims to develop in its students a sense of self assurance, self reliance and respect for people and culture. Each and every student here is provided with equal opportunity to bloom fully. AIMSRC endeavors to promote positive inter-personal skills that enables harmony at work and assist students to become compassionate and responsible individuals while providing the best of healthcare to our society.

Best medical colleges in North bangalore

From the Vice Chairman's Desk

Sri. Amar Gowda

"Dr. is not just a prefix, it's a superpower."

There is a famous African proverb that says, 'It takes a whole village to raise one child'. The meaning of this proverb is that the upbringing of a single child is an effort that can only be successfully completed by the collective efforts of the community of people. Everyone in this village carries something within them that the little child is going to need to successfully grow up. In the same spirit of the proverb, I would like to say that it takes a whole Akash community to raise a whole person. It takes every single person in the Akash community working together in unity to raise a good doctor. Each person in the community is invaluable and the training, preparation and development, love, and the relationship each student receives at Akash, every student is adequately equipped to walk out the journey towards being a great professional and an inspiring doctor.

The leadership team at Akash, driven by the vision of our chairman, continuously strives to inspire the students with their humility and burning desire to help young people make a difference in this world and place our Institution in a position where our students and patients can be mutually benefitted.

It is fondly said that a medical college in Devanahalli is a 'love letter to the people and the society of Bangalore rural'. Under the leadership of our chairman, the hospital has been successful in providing comprehensive and quality care for patients, even from the disadvantaged sectors of the society and continues to serve millions from rural population at an affordable cost.

Lastly, I would like to mention the two key factors that defines our Institution, one- the training of the students with all the necessary tools of 21st century and transforming them into compassionate doctors, two-treating the patients with love and affection, even as the medicine becomes increasingly digital, the hospital strongly believes that a good physician-patient relationship is integral.

"It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done".

-Vincent Van Gogh