Human pathology implies scientific study of various disease processes including etiopathogenesis, structural & functional alterations that occur within the affected tissue.

The study involves examination of tissue specimens, blood and other body fluids for the diagnosis of a particular disease. Thus pathology plays a major role in establishing diagnosis and providing rational basis for clinical care and therapy.

Category Name Qlfn Present Designation Contact No Email Address
Professor - 1 Dr. Vidyavathi MD (Patho) Professor 9448448204
Prof / Assoc. Prof. – 3 Dr. Adishesha Shankar MD (Patho) Professor 9448511611
Dr. Supriya Sandeepa MD (Patho) Associate Professor 9964222010
Dr. Shilpa S Biradar MD (Patho) Associate Professor 9845772034
Asst. Prof - 3 Dr. Adithyan MD (Patho) Assistant Professor 9481679077
Dr. Rashmi S.P MD (Patho) Assistant Professor 9964283861
Dr. Anuja Dasgupta MD (Patho) Assistant Professor 9902336642
Asst.Prof/Tutor - 5 Dr. Uma K MD (Patho) Assistant Professor 8142942735
Dr. Nandini S Nayaka MD (Patho) Assistant Professor 8884664969
Dr. Nanditha.H.S MD (Patho) Assistant Professor 8088336260
Dr. Subhashini MBBS, DCP Tutor 9945356865
Dr. Ankitha A MBBS, DCP Tutor 9901729029