I. Hospital Infection Control Committee (HICC):

Undertakes induction and regular training programme for all hospital staff including doctors, nurses and housekeeping personnel on topics like Biomedical waste segregation, hand hygiene and sample collection. The staff from the Department of Microbiology also go for regular infection control rounds to the operation theatre, wards and outpatient departments. OT surveillance is done on a quarterly basis and on emergency basis during outbreak.

II. RNTCP Activities

Under the National programme Designated Microscopy Centre (DMC) is sanctioned to our hospital and is functioning from 2/8/2018 . Mr Chandrasekhar is our Tuberculosis Health visitor(TBHV) who functions as the coordinator . Sputum microscopy and Anti tubercular therapy are free of cost under the programme to all patients registered in our hospital. Molecular tests like CBNAAT is also done free for the patient’s sample at the referral centre.

The RNTCP core committee of Akash Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre was constituted on 28/06/2017. The following are the Nodal Officer and the core committee members.

Nodal Officer

1. Dr. Kavita Nimboor
Associate Professor, Microbiology.

Core Team : Medical Superintendent.

1. Dr. Ruby Thomas
Professor & HOD, Microbiology

2. Dr. Shubha Praveen
Professor & HOD, Pharmacology

3. Dr. Sunil Kumar D.R
Professor & HOD, Community Medicine

4. Dr. Thimma Reddy
Associate Professor, General Medicine

5. Dr. Hemalatha
Senior Resident, TB & Chest Disease

The first Core Committee meeting was conducted on 8/07/2017.

The Core Committee meeting for the first quarter of 2018 was held on 27/03/2018.

RNTCP sensitization programme on TOG was conducted for AIMS &RC teaching faculty on 27/03/2018.


Dr. Kavita Nimboor

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1. Dr. Sreeja Sethumadhavan

2. Dr. Shama Taj K R, MD (Micro), Assistant professor,
Contact: 9964643532, Email:

3. Mr Vijaykumar G, MSc Med Microbiology, Tutor
Contact:7411202757, Email: