College Infrastructural details

Administrative Block – Provides accommodation for
  • Principal & Dean's Office
  • Administrative Office – Providing accommodation for
    • Office Superintendent
    • Office Manager
    • Chief Accountant
    • Sections – Establishment, Accounts, Academic, Scholarship, Students section, PF & Insurance
  • Records room
  • Receipts and Payment counter
  • Single window counter
  • Waiting area
  • College council
  • Medical Education Unit
  • Common Room – Boys
  • Common Room – Girls
  • Cafeteria
  • General Toilets
  • Drinking Water facilities
Central Library – Provides accommodation for the following
  • Reference library for 180 students
  • Outside library for own book reading – 160 students
  • PG Library for 50 students
  • Teaching staff Library for 30 members
  • Digital library / computer lab – 40 nodes
  • CD / DVD library
  • Journal Section
  • Facilities for copying
  • e-library facilities
Lecture Theatres

At present two fully furnished, air conditioned lecture theatres with good acoustics are available as per MCI requirement.
Each theatre is provided with independent AV aids including microphone and accommodates 180 students.

Auditorium / Examination Hall

Single level, fully furnished auditorium for 2000 people is available at this stage.

Central Photography

Facilities for medical illustration for the purpose of documentation & publication are available.

Central Work Shop

Facilities for repair of medical equipments of College & Hospital are available & provided by qualified personnel.

Animal House

Animal house is managed by department of Pharmacology.

Central Research Laboratory

A central research lab common to all departments is available.

Intercom Network

Intercom network has been provided between various sections of College & Hospital for better co-ordination and services.

Recreation facilities

Indoor : Table tennis, Carom, Chess etc., are available at the respective Hostel.

Outdoor : A big play ground is available for Cricket, Football, Athletic events etc.,


Gymnasium is available for both staff & students in the college.

Day Care Centre

A Day care centre is available to take care of the infants and children of employees during working hours.


UPS & Generators are available to provide continuous power supply.

Sanitation & Water Supply

Arrangements for providing adequate sanitation and water supply are available

Residential Facilities
  • UG hostel for boys
  • UG hostel for girls
  • Resident hostel for male doctors
  • Resident hostel for female doctors
  • Hostel for Nurses
  • Teaching staff quarters
  • Non teaching staff quarters
  • Cafeteria
  • Mess facilities
Medical facilities for Students & Staff

Medical facilities (both OP & IP, Surgical etc.,) are available to both students & staff in the campus Hospital.

Co-operative Society

Provides stationery and other items for students & staff.


ATM facility from Canara Bank is functioning in the campus.


Security services provided by the management are available 24/7 for the entire campus.

Pre clinical Para clinical Clinical 
Anatomy Pharmacology General medicine
Physiology Pathology Paediatrics 
Biochemistry Microbiology TB & chest diseases
  Forensic Medicine Dermatology
  Community Medicine Psychiatry
  General surgery

Infrastructure for each Department
1. Demonstration Rooms

Each department is provided with two fully furnished demonstration halls with audio visual facilities accommodating 80 – 100 students.

2. Laboratories

Practical laboratories for students learning are available for each department as per MCI requirement with necessary infrastructure accommodating 96 students in each of the major labs.

Anatomy Dissection hall & Histology lab
Physiology Haematology lab
Amphibian lab
Mammalian lab
Clinical Physiology labs.
Biochemistry Biochemistry Practical lab
Pharmacology Experimental Pharmacology
Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Pathology Clinical Pathology / Haematology
Morbid Anatomy & Histopathology / Cytopathology
Microbiology Practical Laboratory
Forensic Medicine Practical Laboratory
Community Medicine Practical Laboratory

3. Research Lab

Each department is provided with a research lab for carrying out research activities by staff & students.

4. Department Library

Each department has its own library which will be used by the faculty for teaching the students.

5. Museum

Museum for each department except Physiology & Biochemistry is available as per MCI requirement with necessary infrastructure.
Catalogues are available in every museum giving vital information about the specimens & models displayed facilitating the students for self learning.

6. Department Office

Each department is provided with office to carry out the administrative transactions.

7. Staff accommodation

The departments are provided with accommodation for both Teaching & Non Teaching Staff. Intercom & internet facilities are provided for each of the faculty.

Professor & HOD 1 Room
Associate Professor 1 Room each
Assistant Professor 1 Room each
Tutors 2 Common rooms
Non Teaching Staff 1 Common room


The Teaching Hospital of the Medical College has the following infrastructure as per the requirements of Medical Council of India.

Clinical Departments
Pre clinical Para clinical Clinical 
Anatomy Pharmacology General medicine
Physiology Pathology Paediatrics 
Biochemistry Microbiology TB & chest diseases
  Forensic Medicine Dermatology
  Community Medicine Psychiatry
  General surgery

1. Enquiry & Reception

Dedicated landlines from BSNL and intercom facilities have been provided.

2. Registration & Billing

Separate counters for male, female & Physically Handicapped patients are available.

3. Administrative block

Office of Medical Superintendent, Nursing Superintendent, Hospital Administrator & Sections for accounts, establishment etc. are available.

4. Outpatient block

Each clinical department is provided with the following infrastructure

  • 6 to 7 Consultation rooms
  • Other rooms specific for the departments as specified by MCI
  • Waiting area
  • Enquiry & Registration
  • Demonstration room for carrying out teaching activity
5. Inpatient Wards

Male & Female wards for each clinical department with specified number of beds as per MCI requirement are available. Each ward has been provided with nurses duty room, examination & treatment room, pantry, store room & duty doctor rooms.
A demonstration room for holding the teaching activity is also available. Department office and accommodation for teaching staff of each department is available.

6. Critical Care Units

Following critical care units are available.

  • MICU – Medical Intensive Care Unit to manage all kinds of Medical Emergencies in adults
  • ICCU – To manage Cardiac emergencies.
  • RICU – To manage Respiratory emergencies like bronchial asthma & COPD
  • SICU – To manage pre & post Surgical emergencies
  • NICU – To manage new born (neonatal) emergencies
  • PICU – To manage emergencies in children (Paediatric emergencies)
  • OB-ICU – To manage all kinds of Obstetrics complications
7. Casualty & Emergency

Immediate services to manage cases of accident & trauma, poisoning, alcohol toxicity, medical emergencies & medico legal cases are available.

8. Physiotherapy Services
9. Anaesthesia

Department manages major operation theatres and critical care units. Minor OTs available at surgical OPD & Casualty are managed by respective department.

10. Radiology

Facilities for routine X-ray, ultrasound scanning, CT & MRI are available.

11. Central Laboratory

Department of Pathology, Microbiology & Biochemistry manages the activities of central laboratory. All kinds of routine and special investigations are being conducted.

12. Stat Lab

Functions from 4 pm to next day 9 am and caters to emergency investigations.

13. Blood Bank

Facilities for whole blood and components are available.

14. Pharmacy

Provides all necessary drugs including the low priced generic drugs.

15. MRD

Provides storage & maintenance of all kinds of medical records of the hospital.

16. CSSD

Provides sterilized material to operation theatres, critical care units, casualty & the IP wards.

17. Laundry

Washing and Ironing facilities for hospital clothes is available.

18. Stores

For linen, equipments, pharmacy, kitchen etc are available.

19. Ambulance Services