Forensic Medicine deals with application of medical knowledge aiding in justice both in civil & criminal cases for the social wellbeing. The department will train the medical professional regarding moral ethical values of medical profession and also in handling all varities of MLCs, Post Mortem Examination and Toxicology services.

It helps in building a responsible Doctor for the mankind......!!


The department does service to society by performing round the clock medico-legal autopsies and embalming services in a well-equipped manner and has maintained a separate mortuary block with modern equipment's and instruments. The mortuary is adjacent to Department. The morgue is sufficiently measured and is provided with three dissection tables with a well-equipped viscera storage room and a cold chamber amenity for preserving 12 bodies at a time. The mortuary block has the capacity to undertake two cases at a time and can accommodate 40-50 students at a time. Autopsy workload is undertaken by the faculty and technical staff members of the department range up to nearly 150 cases annually.

Medico-legal cases for the autopsy, expert opinion (sexual offenses), skeletal remains, age certificate etc. are referred from the Bengaluru Urban District, Bengaluru rural district and Chikkaballapura district of Karnataka.  There are three Medico-legal experts including the Head of the Department who render humane service to the community at large.

Department regularly involved in solving skeletal remains, giving expert opinions and exhumations. The department visits crime scenes and courts to help to investigate officers and the judiciary solve crimes. It also takes up clinical forensic medicine work in the form of examination of accused of sexual assault, age estimation, issuing of wound certificate, examination of drunkenness case, etc. It conducts training programs for the police, lawyers and medical officers regularly.

The department is unique in the sense that it has self-learning modules and one of the best Forensic Medicine museums in the Karnataka State.