Awards and Achievements: Year 2018

​Biochemistry Quiz Competition

Ms. Vidhathri C.S. and Ms. Aparna H ​, First year MBBS students have secured the consolation prize in ​ 3rd State level, Biochemistry ​ Quiz competition ​conducted by ​ Rajarajeshwari Medical College ​ and Association of Medical Biochemists, Karnataka, held at Rajarajeshwari Medical College ​,​ Bengaluru ​ on 20/04/2018​.

STS ICMR Projects Apporved - 2018

1. Title: Evaluation of Serum Total Antioxidant Capacity Levels and Osteocalcin in Prediabetes and Healthy Subjects
Student: Mr. Akshay S Atre, II Year MBBS Student
Guide: Dr Wilma Delphine Silvia CR, Prof & HOD, Department Of Biochemistry

2. Title: Influence of Digital Detox on Psychophysiological Parameters of Medical Students in Bengaluru
Student: Ms. Megha Jagadeesh, II Year MBBS Student
Guide: Dr Nalini V Mallya, Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology

3. Title: A Randomised, Open labelled, Controlled, Parallel group Comparative Study of Two varieties of Carica Papaya leaves in Dengue Induced Thrombocytopenia
Student: Mr. Sree Harsha ER, II Year MBBS Student
Guide: Dr Vani J, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology

ICMR - STS - STUDY: Year 2017